These 5 Accessories Make Us Look Older

These 5 Accessories Make Us Look Older

Most all women can not get separated from the accessories. Moreover, using the right accessories will make us look more beautiful and trendy. But what if we choose the wrong accessories? When we choose the wrong accessories causes make our appearance look older than our actual age? Well, here are some of the accessories should be avoided which make us look older.

These 5 Accessories Make Us Look Older

Wearing earrings can make our apperance become more attractive. But if you often wear heavy and big earrings will make our ears slack. So you should choose earrings with a lightweight material and don’t make our appearance look older.

matching accessories

Anyone here who likes to wear necklaces and matching earrings? Well, using matching accessories such as a necklace and earrings will make our appearance look older. Because nowadays is not the era using matching accessories.

vintage bros

Wait.. wait.. Do not throw out your collection of vintage brooches. Thir proper use will not make us look older. Try to use vintage brooch with trendy way, such as using it to tie your cardigan. This method is more modern, than put the brooch on the collar.

These 5 Accessories Make Us Look Older

pearl necklace

Pearls are one of the timeless vintage accessories. And now pearls is becoming a trend. Pearls appeared on Chanel, and Gucci Rag & Bone’s show. If we want to look attractive with a pearl without having to look older, try to combine a pearl necklace with a silver necklace that has the same length.


Reading glasses with vintage frames will make us look older. If you want to use reading glasses make sure that you choose glasses with a modern frame shape. Because there are so many modern glasses nowadays.

Those are some tips using the right accessories so don’t make u look older. We hope that the tips can help you get fresh and beautiful appearance. Good luck ladies!

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