About Cristiano Ronaldo – His Humanity Side


About Cristiano Ronaldo – His Humanity Side – The Real Madrid super star showed his humanity side again. Not long ago, Cristiano Ronaldo has helped an animal care home in Portugal Cantinho da Lili, which is experiencing financial difficulties. This attitude shows the Portuguese star has shown that he is actually a nice guy.  When Ronaldo was angry at his teammate’s ability, most fans to conclude that he is a soccer player who has a bad attitude. However, it turned out it was not true.

The attitude of Cristiano Ronaldo in the field are often very different from the attitude outside of the game. In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo regularly went out to help the charity, even though the dog rescue. With abundant wealth, Ronaldo did not forget the past as a poor child. He was active in helping people who need them. One example, in early 2005, he made great contributions and mobilize support for the people of Aceh, which was hit by the tsunami.  Here are generosity by Cristiano   Ronaldo:

  • Contribute Jersey
    In 2014, the parents of a boy of 10 years, Erik Ortiz Cruz, requiring brain surgery costs. Then they wrote a letter to Ronaldo. Then they wrote a letter to Ronaldo. They asked if Ronaldo will donate a signed jersey and a few shoes that can be auctioned. Funds from the auction will be used to help raise the funds they need. Apparently, Ronaldo responded by offering to pay the operating costs of £53,000 In addition he will also provide additional funds for further treatment costs.


  • Pay for Medical Care
    In 2012, Ronaldo met Nuhazet Guillen, a nine-year boy who had cancer of the spine. She pays all the medicine to cure Nurhazet. Previously, Nuhazet invited to watch the match Real Madrid. And, when it was Ronaldo offered to pay the bill for medical care, though the boy eventually died.


  • Fund Research Center
    In March 2009, Ronaldo had time to help the construction of a cancer center at a hospital in Portugal. He donated £105,000 to fund a research center at the hospital. This hospital is a place where Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores, had breast cancer surgery in 2007.


  • Money Bonus
    Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly again showed his generosity after winning the Champions League. Ronaldo successfully led Madrid won La Undecima. According to El Chiringuito, Ronaldo getting a bonus of € 600,000 thanks to his success. However, Ronaldo chose to donate all the bonuses to a charity organization.
    Cristiano Ronaldo has donated the bonus he gets from the Champions League to charities. He has given € 600,000. He has spoken to his agent, Jorge Mendes, in order to provide cash bonus to the needy,” said Pipi Estrada in a television show Spanish El Chiringuito.

That are about Cristiano Ronaldo by his humanity side. Hopefully can inspire us. (approve.cc kaskus)

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