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Alcohol Tips Training – You are reading this page, it means you want to stop drinking. That is good news. The news is not good is it difficult to stop drinking. The reality is it can be very painful. If you want to stop drinking, here are some tips and strategies that you can apply to stop drinking.

Alcohol Tips Training

  • Talk with your doctor. If you choose to do this process alone, remember that the process stop consuming alcohol can be deadly. If you start to feel the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal (withdrawal symptoms) were terrific (panic attacks, excessive anxiety, shaking, rapid heart rate), you should immediately seek medical help. This condition can deteriorate into delirium tremens, which can cause death if not treated.
  • Express your feelings. Weep if necessary. laugh if you can. Eating when hungry, sleeping when sleepy. It would seem very strange at first, but accept it. You have not to vent your feelings. Eventually you will get used.
  • Do not place yourself with people or in situations where you are going to drink. You may have to leave your drinking friends or your gathering place. You might be surprised that a friend who used to accompany you drink only drink two bottles of beer or two glasses of wine while you drink five.
  • Change your attitude will your efforts to stop drinking. Remember, you are not forced to part with a good friend, but to kill an enemy. Adjust your attitude to make this process easier. The part of you that either you want to stop drinking, more selfish part you want to keep drinking.
  • Decide on a specific date to completely stop drinking. Look for dates ambitious but still reasonable. If you are a heavy drinker, you should do it slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms of alcohol (in this case the best way is to ask the help of a doctor to help plan the perfect date).
  • Get rid of bottles, cans, and others. Do not feel just because you had a visitor you have to offer beer, wine, or a cocktail. It’s okay to offer your guests tea, lemonade or cola.
  • If you have a drinking schedule, change your schedule. If you often drink after work or on the way home, change your routine with other activities. Visit parent or friends. A little change of scenery would help break the chains of addiction.
  • Do not let guilt haunt you. Some people will feel themselves stupid and feeling guilty about not doing the right thing earlier. Do not blame anybody. Alcohol is the main enemy you. He has whispered to you that she is more important than anything else in this world. You are not useful to anyone if you died. Therefore, you should stop listening alcohol and start again from scratch.

Alcohol Tips Training

Alcoholism should be followed by a detoxification process, the process of eliminating toxins that accumulate in the body. To be effective, the process must be supported by lifestyle changes.

Detoxification only supplement, because an attempt to overcome the addiction must begin with the intention of the addict himself. Regardless of the method will not work if either not 100 percent stable.

If the determination was made, the detoxification process is done by replacing body fluids or rehydration. In this process, the water to break down toxins and impurities in the body. The process will be effective if accompanied by lifestyle changes. Here are some lifestyle changes that you can try:

Drink more water
To clean the toxins of alcohol, a person should increase the consumption of fluids as much as 2-3 liters / day because the cells in the body needs fluids so it does work properly. While doing detoxification, enough fluid will greatly help the immune system. Liquids also will launch the disposal of toxins including residual alcohol from the body.

Alcohol Tips Training

Consuming vegetables and fresh fruit
Beet juice (beetroots) is believed to be efficacious cleanse the liver, while carrot juice is able to strengthen the immune system. To support the detoxification process, combine beet juice, carrot and apple. Cranberry juice can also be added, because it is able to purify the body of toxins impurities.


Taking herbs and supplements
Some types of plants and herbs or supplements that contain vitamin B can help reduce physical and psychological tensions that arise during the process of detoxification of alcohol. Consult a physician or consultant herbs, supplements what fits the individual circumstances of each.

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Doing exercise
The detoxification process can lead to depression, which can be mitigated by doing yoga or other exercise regularly. Because a lot of potassium issued with sweat, balanced with more fruits and vegetables. Bananas, melons, tomatoes, citrus fruits and green vegetables contain a lot of potassium.

Alcohol Tips Training


Modify recipes using alcohol
Modify recipes using alcohol. It will be difficult for you to consume alcohol at home. Replace with a non alcoholic wine, or dispose of that part of your recipe.

Keep in mind, the depression that occurs during the detoxification process can lead to feelings of anxiety and irritability. In severe conditions, the side effects of detoxification can trigger tremor (shaking) or hallucinations. Such conditions require sedation must be purchased with a prescription.

Alcohol Tips Training

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