Fact About MSG, You need to Know!

fact about msg

Fact About MSG, You need to Know! – The taste of the food becomes the main thing that was assessed after the look. Various seasonings and flavoring ingredients added to food in order to produce delicious foods.

In the culinary world, there are very many seasonings and flavoring ingredients are mixed in food. Some flavorings are commonly used are sugar and salt. Salt is almost always used in cooking. Because if you do not add salt then the food will be tasteless.

In addition to salt, many people use Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in cooking. Some peopleĀ are assessing this material has a negative impact. But from some research, using MSG actually better than using salt. MSG has been used for more than 100 years as a seasoning on food.

Many nutritionists recommend to reduce the use of salt and replace it with MSG. Why? Because according to recent research published in the journal Food and Nutrition Research concluded that using salt in excessive amounts will cause a disruption in the body system. One alternative is replacing salt with MSG in the the right amount. Because according to a study, the sodium content in MSG is one-third of salt.

The results of this study also concluded soup favorite levels can be increased by adding appropriate amounts of MSG and reduce the use salt. The response of samples obtained from this study indicate a significant figure. Soups preferably at a salt content of 0.75 percent. While the soup is added MSG preferably at a salt content of 0.4 percent.

This shows, MSG can replace salt. So it can be help reduce salt intake. And that means reducing the consumption of sodium. The researchers say adding just 0.7 percent of MSG can reduce the intake of sodium to 32.5 percent in the soup.

In other words, MSG is safe for consumption. And it is advisable to replace the salt consumption. But it remains to be aware of the number of proportion, as long as it is not excessive, the body can tolerate MSG. That is the fact about MSG you should know.

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