The Fashion Design History Human Being


What is fashion?
Fashion Design History. Since a long time ago humans have used to decorate clothing or other any other entity as a form of non-verbal communication to indicate gender, occupation, rank, class, wealth and group affiliation. Fashion is not only clothing, but also accessories, jewelry, hair style, beauty and body art (such as tattoos). Fashion is a form of freedom of communication. What we wear and how and when we use it, give others a glimpse ease to read the social situation in the vicinity.


Fashion Design History 

Fashion For Marker System

Fashion in all its forms from tattoos to piercing the nose, up to the latest hair style, a form of icons that express individual identity. Fashion makes us understand quickly just by glancing. Fashion is a language of signs, symbols, icons, that non-verbally communicate meanings about individuals or groups.

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Fashion As Barometer Culture Change

Female beauty which can be received in Rubens unknowingly had not wanted this now, if we think like the majority of the 21st century How do we see the beauty or ugliness of our bodies depends on the culture.

At this time the inability to change and reshape the body constantly pay attention to the cultural ideal to make us fail in tests fashion. For those who successfully passed the test of fashion continually spend their lives within the circle of cosmetic surgery, diet, exercise and other things. This includes spending like crazy to find the perfect outfit.


Fashion Design History 

Tribal needs

Many of us are struggling to keep up appearances that satisfactorily culturally and make us feel better, despite the fact that we strive to remain on ethnicity, whatever it is. By doing a make over through diet, exercise, and consistently and consciously using specific clothing style covering our flaws as a human being weak.

Group affiliation is a major concern us in fashion. During some semblance of groups identified in the group, our personal fashion either up to date or is past its time can still belong to the tribe. Feelings of attachment can be characterized by how we adjust our fashion roots have a connectedness with a group or tribe.


Fashion Design History 

The role of fashion

Of innate human characteristics is the desire to be different. Rigid dress code has enabled individuals to use fashion as a way to identify the various roles performed by a person in one day.

Sociologists have borrowed the word “role” of the theater because, like the actor who plays many parts and each part must be learned. Role continuously studied and practiced and learned again. Roles also be shared, because as an actor on stage, flowing interaction occurs only when every player knows expected behavior.

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