How To Resolve Slow WiFi Connection

How To Resolve Slow WiFi Connection

How To Resolve Slow WiFi Connection

Sometimes users find a slow Internet connection when they use the WiFi connection. These following tips are How To Resolve Slow WiFi Connection as quoted from Makeuseof.

Many people often underestimate the position of the router, but this fact can affect wifi networks. Therefore, it is important for users to choose a good place for a wifi router. Even a small shift in position could end up being the difference connections when the day and night.

The best way to try is to put the router near your device. Besides, we can also put the router near the center of your home. However, if the router is very weak, or you have a very large house, then you probably need to expand the reach of a wireless LAN using wifi extender or repeater.

Wireless Interference and Noise
You probably have never seen. But there is a wireless signal around you and they pass through the electronic device, router, wifi, satellites, cell towers, and more. Richard Vijgen information designers create The Architecture of Radio” is available on iOS and Android. It uses public information on satellites and cell towers, along with wifi information to create a map of invisible signals around you.

Although the wifi should be on different frequencies with most of these devices, the amount of radio noise can still cause interference. Some of the common causes Microwaves, Bluetooth Devices, and lights. Therefore, stay away from those devices from your wifi router.

There is undeniable now every household has its own wifi network that could cause problems due to overlapping channels. This can be rather problematic in a townhouse, but problematic especially in residential complexes and apartments there will be many routers in the near future.

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