Kidney On Human Body Can Damage Because of this

kidney on human body

Kidney On Human Body Can Damage Because of this

Kidneys have a very important function like other organs. Kidneys can filter waste and excess fluid in the body. And helps circulation and blood pressure. Kidneys also support the health of bones and other body functions. However, some actions can make the kidneys work is getting worse. Therefore, avoid these 7 habits that can damage the kidneys quickly.

You do not drink enough waterKidneys on human body need water. If you do not drink enough water can cause the kidneys work too hard and could eventually damage their function.

Hold in peeThe body needs to remove toxins in the body. Stores the urine for too long in the bladder can damage the kidneys.

A high protein dietConsumption of foods containing high protein can damage the kidneys. May eventually make the kidneys work harder. If persistent, this can make the kidneys work was not optimal.

Smoking – Accumulation of toxins in the body caused by smoking, can affect the kidneys work. Smoke excessively impact the permanent kidney damage quickly.

A high intake of salt – excessive salt intake can damage the kidneys. Prevention is the best way. Reduce salt to protect the health and function of the kidney. Do not forget to keep the salt content of your food.

Too much caffeine – For coffee lovers, limit your consumption of caffeine from now. Accumulation of caffeine can damage the kidney on human body function.

Excessive analgesic – Abusing painkillers can result in kidney damage. Consumption of analgesic is needed when the drug is prescribed by a doctor.

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