Korean Boy Band BTS Full Profile and Facts!

Korean Boy Band BTS Full Profile and Facts!

Korean Boy Band BTS facts

BTS or Bangtan Boys (in the Korean language is written with방탄 소년단 read “Bangtan Sonyeondan“. In English is called “Bulletproof Boy Scouts) is a boy band from South Korea. BTS formed by BigHit Entertainment since 2010. 

Korean Boy Band BTS full profile and facts complete

Bangtan Boys’s members found and started a trainee in 2010 ago, through an audition in Big Hit Entertainment. But they changed the members and remains Rap Monster that is currently a leader of BTS.

Before Korean Boy Band BTS debut, Rap Monster has appeared on stage with the name Ruch Randa. He also has released several songs, one of which he collaborated with Zico. Time passed, and a new member of BTS started to enter trainee. Suga and Taehyung become a participant who survived in Big Hit audition held in Daegu.

Jimin who attended Busan High School for Modern Dance recruited by Big Hit through a private audition. Jungkook recruited BigHit after he failed a superstar K3 audition, after that he studied dance in Los Angeles.

J-Hope are well known in Gwangju as an underground dancer, he also had his own underground dance team. J-Hope was also a former student at the Korea Art School. While Jin before being accepted in BigHit, he was a film arts student at Konkuk University.

Korean Boy Band BTS debut in 2013. They released the first single album titled “2 Cool 4 Skool” with the title track “No More Dream” and “We Are Bulletproof” on June 12, 2013. 

Korean Boy Band BTS began to know when they released their 3rd mini-album. The mini-album titled “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life – Part 1” with the title song “I Need U” and “Dope”. After that BTS released the 4th mini-album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life – Part 2” with the title track “Run” and immediately made BTS more popular.

Korean Boy Band BTS consists of seven members, Rap Monster, Jungkok, Taehyung, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin. Here is some info about Korean Boy Band BTS.

Name: BTS (Bangtan Boys, 방탄 소년단 / Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bulletproof Boy Scouts)
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Label: Big Hit Entertainment
Genre: HipHop, RnB, Dance
Members: 7
Debut: June 13, 2013
Years Active: 2013 to present
Fans Name: A.R.M.Y (Adorable Representative M.C for Youth)

– Http://bts.ibighit.com (Korea)
– Http://bts-official.jp (Japan)
– http://btsblog.ibighit.com/

– https://twitter.com/bts_bighit
– https://twitter.com/BTS_twt

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bangtan.official
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/BANGTANTV
Fancafe: http://cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bangtan

List of Korean Boy Band BTS Members :
– Jungkook BTS (Jeon Jeong-guk)
– V BTS (Kim Tae-hyung)
– Jimin BTS (Park Ji-min)
– Rap Monster BTS (Kim Nam-joon)
– J-Hope BTS (Jung Ho-seok)
– Suga BTS (Min Yoon-gi)
– Jin BTS (Kim Seok-jin)

Here are some fact’s about Korean Boy Band BTS members:

 Jungkook BTS (Jeon Jeong-guk)

bangtan boys BTS Jungkook BTS

Full Name: Jeon Jeong Guk (전 정국)

Stage name: Jungkook

Date of birth: September 1, 1997

Height: 176cm

Weight: 61kg

A blood type

Position: Maknae, vocalist, dancer and rapper


  • Jungkook is the youngest member
  • Jungkook favorite color is red
  • Jungkook like numbers 1
  • Jungkook including members who are shy, but if it had been assembled with the other members he will be chatty
  • He loves to draw
  • Jungkook is maknae the longest bath
  • Jungkook, Jimin and J-hope first appears in the video graduation, before their debut album “2 Cool 4 Skool”
  • Jungkook hobby is dancing and skateboarding
  • Jungkook is a talented maknae ( youngest member)
  • Jungkook favorite singer is G-Dragon Big Bang
  • Jungkook said that he was jealous of Jin’s body and will work hard to obtain a body like Jin
  • Jungkook could not do aegyo, he felt a chill when his hyung (oldest members) told him to do aegyo
  • Jungkook just graduated from high school in February, 2017
  • Jungkook won praise for his dancing skills of the famous dancer kyle hanagami
  • Jungkook visited LA on summer 2012 to do some exercises with lifestyle dance
  • Jungkook  expertise is dancer.
  • He is a member of the dirtiest in the BTS
  • Jungkook’s ideal type is a woman whose height is 168 cm and smaller than him, can cook, has beautiful legs
  • His favorite food is sea eel, sashimi, pork rice soup



Korean Boy Band BTS V BTS

Full Name: Kim Tae Hyung (김태형)

Stage name: V

Date of Birth: December 30, 1995

Blood type: AB

Height: 176cm

Weight: 58kg

Position: Vocals


  • V likes black and white
  • V’sfavorite number is 10
  • V likes lion
  • While shooting BTS’s first album, Jungkook say that V was a flower boy
  • V really likes aegyo
  • V also likes a soap bubble
  • V’s favorite season is autumn
  • V ever cried because watching “Miracle in cell no.7” the movie
  • Before interested in dance, V previously studied classic saxophone and jazz saxophone
  • V’s task in BTS’s dormitory is washing clothes
  • V have poor sleeping habits, he sometimes talking or yelling while asleep
  • V’s favorite food are Japchae and all kinds of meat
  • V’s habit is “open mouth, biting nails and often said” Eomma? “And” sick! “
  • V is the most diligent member who does aegyo
  • Suga had a bad impression when he met V for the first time
  • First, V is a saxophonist, but because his lips are often hurt he decided to stop playing saxophone
  • V is very nice in fanservice
  • V likes to look for a song that is not widely known
  • Of all the members BTS, V most suck at cooking
  • V like to invite other members to a shared bathroom


Jimin BTS

Korean Boy Band BTS Jimin BTS

Full name: Park Ji Min (박지민)

Stage name: Jimin

Date of birth: October 13, 1995

Height: 175cm

Weight: 60kg

Blood type : A

Position: Vocal & Dancer


  • Jimin likes blue
  • Jimin’s favorite number is 3
  • Jimin very loves his younger brother
  • He is the most talkactive BTS’s member
  • Jimin made a lyric and Suga commented “This is what you call the lyrics? huh!”
  • He felt that his eyes more attractive than his sixpack abs.
  • Jimin is the last member who join korean boy band BTS
  • Jimin was the only member who trained just one year, the other members trained for 3 years
  • Jimin’s habit is dancing while listening to music wherever
  • Jimin admitted that his body is the best than the other members
  • He is expert in pouty face
  • Jimin called a pig, because his chubby cheeks
  • Jimin close to Jungkook
  • Jimin came from Busan
  • Her favorite food is meat and kimchi
  • Jimin so inspired when he saw Rain
  • Jimin likes Rain and Big Bang’s Taeyang
  • He thought that he is fat
  • Jimin is the most talkative member in BTS


Rap Monster BTS

Korean Boy Band BTS rapmon BTS

Full Name: Kim Nam Joon (김남준)

Stage name: RAP MONSTER

Position: Leader, Rapper

Date of birth: 12 September 1994

Height: 181cm

Weight: 64kg

Blood type : A


  • His favorite color is black
  • Rap Monster likes numbers 1
  • Rap Monster is not the oldest member, but he is a leader
  • He likes to browse the internet
  • Good at fingering
  • Rap Monster is fluent in English, it is one of the reason why he became a BTS leader
  • Rap monster also has worked with Block B’s Zico
  • He envied Jungkook’s age
  • Rap monster the only one left from the original lineup BTS, when he debuted with the original lineup he will be maknae
  • He always read the news and explore the newest events
  • Rap monster gets the task to sweep the floor in the dormitory
  • Rap monster started to rap when he was 14 years old
  • His ideal type is a woman who has a good voice
  • Rap monster likes to go to cafe to look for inspiration and write lyrics
  • Although he is very talented as a rapper and Lyricist, Rap Monster is not too great at dancing and called “Prodigy Dance” by his coach
  • Rap monster is a very clever student
  • Rap monster good in English. His TOEFL test is 900 and he had spent some time in US
  • Rapmon it could be called a destroyer, nearly all of the items in his hand must have been broken / damaged
  • Rapmonster is a good student who got good grades, but he felt it was pointless because he did not have a dream
  • Rap monster also an underground rapper
  • Suga says if Rapmonster in real life is very different from the stage, when he took off his glasses, he became a cute person.
  • Rapmon said, V was 10% genius, 90% idiot
  • Rap monster has a pet named ‘rapmon’ by his parent
  • Rapmon said that he supports the gay/lesbian relationship


J-Hope BTS

bangtan boys jhope

First Name: Jung Ho Seok (정호석)

Stage name: J-Hope

Date of birth: 18 February 1994

Height: 177cm

Weight: 59kg

Blood type : A

Position: Rapper & Dancer


  • J-Hope’s favorite color is green
  • J-Hope like 7
  • J-Hope also loves dogs
  • J-Hope’s favorite season is spring
  • J-Hope is a JYP’s trainee
  • He does not like to exercise outside, he likes indoor gym
  • He has collaborated with Jo Kwon of 2AM
  • He has older sister
  • Although wearing a mask, he was happy because the fans recognize from the masks he wore
  • According to J-Hope, seaweed soup made by Jin is very tasty
  • Before debut, J-Hope are well known in Gwangju as a underground dancer
  • J-Hope is the best cleaner at the dorm and he was very skilled in folding clothes
  • J-Hope could be sassy
  • According to Jimin, J-Hope is a member who has the cleanest rooms
  • According to Rap monster, J-Hope is a member who has “mom figure”
  • J-Hope tries to teach Jungkook the way how to aegyo
  • J-Hope is a member of the most hyperactive
  • J-Hope admitted that he is the mood maker in the BTS.
  • J-hope said his ideal type is a girl who look alike himself


Suga BTS

Korean Boy Band BTS Suga BTS

Full Name: Min Yoon Gi (민윤기)

Stage name: SUGA

Date of Birth: March 9, 1993

Blood type : O

Height: 176cm

Weight: 57kg

Position: Rapper


  • Suga’s favorite color is white
  • Suga likes number 3
  • Suga likes Welsh Corgi dogs
  • Suga is the runner up at BigHit audition
  • Suga has small feet like a woman
  • Suga promised if they reach 1000 twitter followers, he would take a photo of Jimin’s ABS
  • Suga said that V always suggest other members to take a shower together
  • Before debut, Suga posted a photos of his feet and he said his legs as good as SNSD’s members
  • Suga wrote I Like It lyric in less than 40 minutes
  • Suga is the most honest members and sometimes giving abusive comments
  • Suga name was given by the company, because they think that Suga had a smile as sweet as sugar
  • Suga likes to listen to classical music
  • Suga loves to take pictures
  • SUGA’s family: father, mother, older brother
  • Suga’s favorite food is meat, meat and meat.
  • Suga performed in his hometown, Daegu and after that he wanted to become an artist.
  • Suga good at basketball
  • Suga’s real life and on stage is very different, actually he is a person whodoesn’t  likes Aegyo.
  • Suga said, V sometimes surpsise all the members with his brilliant ideas.
  • Suga also can cook
  • Suga said if J-hope and Jungkook very close, they are like father and son.
  • Suga said Jin was the ideal husband.
  • Suga very bad in English
  • When on one occasion, when the members were asked what their speciality, Suga said his speciality is rolling over in bed



Korean Boy Band BTS Jin BTS

Full Name: Kim Seok Jin (김석진)

Stage name: Jin

Position: Vocal, Visual

Date of Birth: December 4, 1992

Height: 179cm

Weight: 60kg

Blood type : O


  • Jin is the oldest BTS’s member
  • Jin’s favorite color is pink
  • Jin’s favorite number is 4
  • Jin loves dogs
  • Jin good at cooking
  • Jin’s ideal type is a woman who good at cooking
  • Jin’s can speak little mandarin
  • Jin choose V as a member closest to him
  • Jin and V like to take selca together
  • Jin has a great body
  • Jin and Suga is Big Brother in Bangtan Boys
  • Jin and V like anime
  • Jin really likes “Super Mario” and “Maple Story” game
  • When he was hungry, he’ll blink his left eye
  • Jin’s favorite foods are lobster, meat, chicken and naengmyon (cold noodles)
  • At the first time Jin entered the trainee, V came to him and danced in front of him, Jin suppose V was a very strange person.
  • Jin love letters sent by fans, he will read them one by one and it will make it sentimental emotion.
  • According to Jin, when he was still in school, he was a quiet boy, but he never ate alone.
  • Jin really loves food. Even before the debut Jin could eat 2 hours.
  • One word that describes Jin is “Hidetoshi”. V found that characters look like Jin.
  • JIN Family: Parents & Older brother
  • Jin Likes Disney Princess and puppies
  • Jin is now learning how to become an actor
  • Jin comes from an acting school
  • Jin is a member who really loves cleanliness. At the first time he lived at BTS’s dorm, Jin felt dizzy because all members didn’t put their dirty clothes into the washing machine (except Suga and J-Hope)

Korean Boy Band BTS Tour, Concert, and Television Program

BTS Korean/Japan/Asian Tour

  • 2014 BTS Live Trilogy-Episode II: The Red Bullet (2014)
  • BTS Live Trilogy Episode I: BTS Begins (2015)
  • BTS’s First Japan Tour-Wake Up: Open Your Eyes (2015)
  • The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage (2015)
  • The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue (2016)

BTS’s World Tour

  • 2015 BTS Live Trilogy Episode II: The Red Bullet (2015)
  • 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour (2017)

BTS’s Concert participation

  • KCON: Los Angeles (2014)
  • KCON: Abu Dhabi, Paris, Newark, and Los Angeles (2016)
  • KCON: Mexico City (2017)


  • Rookie King: Channel Bangtan (SBS MTV) – BTS-based reality show, Episode 1–8
  • American Hustle Life (Mnet) – BTS-based reality show, Episode 1–8
  • BTS GO! (Mnet America) – BTS-based reality show, Episode 7
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