Modern Bohemian Fashion – Hair Accessories

Bohemian hairstyle is identic with braid hair. For more beautiful and atractive hairstyle you should add some accessories to your hair. Bohemian is used in mid of 19th century in Europe. Bohemian at that time used to describe a group that was interested in art. The bohemian style is usually interpreted as an expression of freedom. Do not be surprised if the bohemian style was identical with tloose clothing that has a thin material and colorful. Bohemian style is often called a hippie. This style you can look at artists like Vanessa Hudgens or Mary-Kate Olsen.

Modern Bohemian Fashion – Hair Accessories

For boho style, you can wear extra loose t-shirt. You can use Romanian blouse and combine it with jeans or hotpants. In addition to a loose t-shirt, you can wear ankle-length dress with ethnic motifs. Choose natural colors such as yellow, green, and brown. That colors can make you look bohemian. For boho style, you can wear accessories made of suede, leather, or wood. For example, fringe bag and headband.  To complement the bohemian style, you can wear shoes such as boots, gladiator sandals and moccasins.

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Bohemian style also has many hair accessories that can be used, such as fedora hat and flower crown. Here are some bohemian hair accessories :

  • Fedora Hat


Fedora hat usually worn by the boys. These hats became accessory you should wear when you want to apply a bohemian style. Fedora hats usually made of materials that are not too rigid. Such as wicker or wool. Fedora hat will look more cool with messy hair to get the impression of a relaxed, tough but still look cute.

Modern Bohemian Fashion – Hair Accessories

  • Flower Crown

modern bohemian fashion flower crown

Flower crowns is a circular-shaped hair accessories like crowns. Flower crown decorated with several types, colors and sizes of many flowers. In 1960s, girls who loved bohemian style used flower crown to beautify their hair. Flower crown really fits for you when you want to show the romantic bohemian style.


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