Nabana No Sato’s Gorgeous Winter Illumination


Nabana No Sato’s Gorgeous Winter Illumination

You will never get bored with Japan. As the seasons change, you will be entertained by the flowers are blooming. Sakura and Wisteria in the spring. Iris and Sunflower in summer. Lavender and all the foliage of red-yellow-brown in autumn. But if the winter? No flowers that will bloom in winter. But you will not get bored. Because Nabana no Sato still there to cheer you up!

Nabana No Sato's Gorgeous Winter Illumination

Japan is preparing a very romantic festival of lights and cool to be visited in this winter. What kind of beauty? Nabana no Sato will celebrate natural winter festival at Nagashima. The Nabana-no-Sato is a botanical garden that was built at the site of the amusement park “Nagashima resort” in Mie. Nabana no Sato is a theme park, but it is dedicated to flowers. Imagine tha a garden full of very pretty flower you can enjoy from spring until winter. Until winter? Yup, there is a hot house here, it is big enough to accommodate hundreds of gorgeous Begonia flowers!

Nabana No Sato's Gorgeous Winter Illumination

The event will present the largest lighting show in Japan.  In 2017, Japan will present 8 million lights. The lights will be created with the theme “Natural Beauty”. The main attractions of the festival is a gigantic, as high as 98 feet that can change color according to the color of the leaves in spring.

Visitors can enjoy the lights by walking around and will also lacks the music. Very beautiful and also fun to see the unique phenomenon. There, also presents a different monument, Monument Valley in the United States, Antarctica, Plitvice National Park in Croatia, and so forth. To make this festival of lights, hundreds of workers attach lights for four months. And the result, this festival can receive 2 million visitors.


How to get there? Nabana no Sato is located in Mie Prefecture, District Nagashima, Kuwana City, 270 Komaerushibata. You can get there from Kuwana Station and take the east exit of the JR. Get out of there, turn right and follow the road platform, to the stairs leading down. You will arrive at the Bus Station Rotary Kuwana (right in front of Nishi-Kuwana Station Sangi). Wait at Bus Stop number 2 for the bus ride non-stop to Nabana no Sato. The bus was usually there every 30 minutes all day, and the bus ride takes about 10 minutes, at a price of ¥ 240.

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