The Most Scariest Korean Horror Movies You Should Watch

The Most Scariest Korean Horror Movies You Should Watch

Stories about zombies can bite humans and then turn them into a zombie is really creepy. The tension is not only due zombie’s bloody face. But also when wen look at how humans should avoid the zombie bites. This sometimes makes us so hardly restrain.

Zombie horror genre films also can be found in Korean movies. Surely the story makes chills and creepy. If you want to prove, you should watch. Here are the most scariest korean horror movies you should watch.

  • Train To Busan (2016)

Scariest Korean Horror Movies train to busan

The film, released in 2016 is one of the successful zombie movies. Train to Busan won the box office in Korea and worldwide. It’s about the journey of Seok-woo who accompanied his child to meet his ex-wife in Busan. Their trips using KTX became a terrible trip because they were attacked by the zombies. Here are some scenes that awaited in Train to Busan:

  • As a fund manager, Seok-woo (Gong Yoo) spent much of his time in office. He forgot his daughter Su An (Kim Su-an). His child lived with him and his mother, while his ex-wife stayed in Busan. Su An wished to see her mother and wanted to go to see her mom. Finally Seok-woo and his daughter went to Busan together.
  • Seok Woo and Su An went to Busan by KTX from Seoul at the mid night. At first, the trip went smoothly. Unexpectedly there was a girl seriously injured managed to sneak in. It turned out that this girl had been hit by zombie virus and then she bite an officer of the train. The officer then also turn into a zombie. The other passenger panick and terrified.
  • The entire train passengers realized that there was a zombie attack everywhere. The train could not be forced to stop at several stations due to this mess. All the passengers finally asked to get off at a station. Before they exit the station, they were attacked by soldiers who have been turned into zombies.
  • Seok-woo, SuAn and some of the passengers who managed to escape the zombies, tried to reverse direction to get back into the train. And this is not an easy thing, because the zombie attack appeared from all directions.
  • Along with Sang-hwa (Ma Dong-seok), Young-guk (Choi Woo-shik), Seok-woo made it onto the train. But he separated from his daughter. Sang-hwa also separated from his wife and Young-guk is separated from his friend. They have to go through several carriages contain zombies in order to meet with their relatives. They have to fight the zombies and keep trying to avoid their bite.


  • Zombie School (2014)


There is a special school for stubborn and problematic children. The name of this school is Chilsung school. It is on an island. All students who attend this place were treated harshly, they expected to be able to turn into a nice student. But suddenly their principal looks weird and it has been turned into a zombie. Zombie virus hit the school. The remaining students had to survive and saved themselves from the bite of a zombie.

The Most Scariest Korean Horror Movies You Should Watch

  • Mad Sad Bad  (2014)


This movie was a movie that consist of three stories. All three themed horror and zombie. The first story was about a teenager who was addicted to video games, and he was asked to kill his girlfriend. The second story told of a time when humans and zombies lived together. However, zombie’s position was more like a slave. The third story was about a siblings, 6 and 8 years old. One of the sibling ruined the comic, after that the other decided to go to a picnic into the forest and left the sibling.


  • The Neighbor Zombie (2009)


This was a scary zombie movie but added a few elements of comedy. It also consists of six stories. The essence of all the stories was a zombie attack due to a virus. It’s described that Seoul suffered zombies virus attack . The government makes a rules that anyone who had been affected by this virus should be killed immediately. Some people in his family affected by the virus and he tried to do everything possible so his family stayed safe.

The Most Scariest Korean Horror Movies You Should Watch

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