TIPS – How to Restrict From Smartphone

How to Restrict From Smartphone

TIPS – How to Restrict From Smartphone

Smartphone seemed to be the most important part in the life of our communication. Because of interesting features and fun to chat via smartphone, cause some people addicted to smartphones.

Addicted to smartphone can affect to your health. You have to reduce using your gadgets. Here are easy tips to restrict from smartphone.

Always think to limit ourselves to use the gadget. Don’t use your smartphone for long time. For example, use the gadget when you are communicating or looking for important information.

Physically active.
When the smartphone always fill your free time, now replace your activity through exercise. Doing a physical activity every day for 30 minutes will make your body healthier.

Put the smartphone away from your bed. Try to not be tempted yourself using the smartphone, so you can sleep soundly at night.

When hanging out with your family or friends. Put the smartphones in a your pocket or put in a bag. Try to participate in the discussion. This way is to restrict yourself using a smartphone.

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