Top 10 Gadgets To Buy in 2017

Top 10 Gadgets To Buy in 2017 – 2017 will be even more super cool gadgets that you can enjoy and use immediately. Ranging from smartphones to smart glasses, here are ten super cool gadget that will most likely be released in 2017. Prepare to welcome these gadgets guys!

  • Smartphone Android Nokia – After a long vacuum, Nokia now owned by HMD reportedly will soon release Android-based smarpthone in early 2017. Nokia mobile phone manufacturers reportedly will release three Android smartphones. Launched two smartphones will be aimed at the upper middle class and the other is intended for middle and lower classes. Although not willing to give info, but now began to busy discussed if the name of Nokia smartphones can be D1C and P1.

Top 10 Gadgets To Buy

  • AirSelfie – Selfie wear tongsis probably not going to be a trend in 2017. The position tongsis likely to be replaced at AirSelfie which is a mini drone that you can use to selfie. Gadget will be officially launched in early 2017. This will greatly help you who loves selfie. You see, even though it flew but very stable position can take your picture when selfie alone or with your friends.


  • Spectacles – As known, Snap (Snapchat parent company) is reported to be making a smart goggles named Spectacles. This is very fitting glasses you used to like to exist mainly in Snapchat. You see, the new glasses will be released in 2017 it makes you take a picture of anything around you and save and upload it directly to Snapchat. Not just function just cool, Spectacles has a very cool design


  • Iphone 8 – Already in the know that the iPhone 7 was cool and sophisticated for mercy. Well, the cool phone from Apple was reportedly going to have a successor in 2017, the iPhone 8. The successor to the iPhone 7 is reported to be using a whole glass material as the body and using organic LED screen graphical display interface can make it more interesting. Uniquely, iPhone 8 is predicted not going to use the Home button and do not use the bezel.


  • Nintendo Switch -For you who love the game will be spoiled very year 2017. You see, the renowned Japanese games manufacturer will reportedly begin launching Nintendo Switch globally. This console is so unique because it can really be used as a console with a television and a portable console. Thus, the one you do not need to spend time in the house continues to complete existing games.

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Top 10 Gadgets To Buy

  • Folding screen mobile phone Samsung – Samsung reportedly will soon release a phone with a folding screen 2017. The concept phone is rather unique will soon form in fact you can see and feel features pulled.


  • Samsung Galaxy S8 – Not only the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy reportedly also will have a successor in the year 2017. Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come and say hello to the middle of the community with a lot of cool features. Although not much information can be collected from the successor to the Galaxy S7, but one of the interesting features of Samsung Galaxy S8 is a kind of artificial intelligence to the presence of Siri.


  • Matrix PowerWatch – Smartwatch this one will greet you also in 2017. Unlike most of the smartwatch, Powerwatch Matrix is not necessary to refill with electricity you know! No need to worry about running out of battery, because Matrix can continue your Powerwatch’s because this smartwatch replenished by your body heat.

Top 10 Gadgets To Buy

  • Xbox Project Scorpio – In addition to Nintendo, Microsoft also will release a games console that certainly eagerly awaited by gamers worldwide. Xbox Project Scorpio is to be released by Microsoft in 2017. The console is reportedly carrying the latest advanced features and is compatible with 4K television format. In addition, the console will reportedly also compatible with virtual reality headset.


  • Prime Orbi – Will be released in 2017! Although the same hell same design Spectacles, but the function of this Prime Orbi different glasses that take photos and record video 360 degrees. Although still in the status of funding, Prime Orbi reported would soon be released mid-2017.
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