Top 10 Holiday Destinations In Indonesian

Top 10 Holiday Destinations


There are a lot of islands in Indonesia, but not all occupied, there are more than 6 thousand uninhabited islands. The best known of the island of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, and Papua are the biggest islands that make up the country’s unity, even three of which include the world’s largest island. Indonesia is located in the southeastern most tip of the Asian continent, which are directly passed the equator. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. Indonesia is a country that is made up of 18 thousand islands to save a million uniqueness. Among the islands in Indonesia, there are a number of “earthly paradise”, ranging from the beautiful beaches, scenery skenik volcano, diving, snorkeling, and surfing. There is Top 10 Holiday Destinations in Indonesian that popular among tourists deserves to be visited.

  1. Ternate

First Indonesian island deserves to be visited the island of Ternate. This island including Maluku archipelago, which was once the only place on Earth, as a producer of nutmeg, mace, clove and other valuable spices. But today, in addition to spice, Ternate island visited by many tourists, it is after the island became the capital of North Maluku.

Sulamadaha Beach Top 10 Holiday Destinations

On this island we can find some ruined fort, fortress-like Oranje-made by the Dutch, and the fort Tolukko-made by the Portuguese, and then corrected by the Netherlands. After it was repaired again by Spain. There is also a wonderful a place for swimming and sunbathing, the beach Sulamadaha. Do not forget, the island also has an exotic volcano, Mount Gamalama.

2. Lombok

Rinajani Mountain – Top 10 Holiday Destinations

In the east of Bali, there is a beautiful island, it called Lombok island. Lombok Island is famous among the traveler because has beautiful beaches and the waves were quite challenging as a place to surf. On this island there are several cities that have the hidden beauty, one of which the city of Mataram. In Mataram there are palaces built around the 18th century. The main attraction of this palace is the garden Mayura or often called the Narmada park. This park is a temple built by followers of Hindu religion, and the place is often used as a recreation of the kings of old. For those who like hiking, the island also include Mount Rinjani, which is about 3,200 meters.

3. Wakatobi

Wakatobi Dive Resort – Top 10 Holiday Destinations


Far to the southeast of the island of Sulawesi there is a protected islands, it’s called Wakatobi National Park. There are  gorgeous islands complete with resorts and hotels in this place. Because the beauty of the underwater world, in Wakatobi is visited by diving enthusiasts. There are two best point to enjoy all the beauty of in Wakatobi, they are Tomia island (known for having a lot of ornamental fish) and the Hoga Island (famous for its coral rocks).

4.Bangka Belitung


The next best Indonesian island, located in the northeast province of South Sumatra, there are two large islands that has unique characteristics, namely the islands of Bangka and Belitung.
The main attraction of these two islands to the beaches several kilometers long. The beach has clean white sand, clear sea water and rock beaches. On the beach there are also some Dutch heritage lighthouse that was built in the 19th century, because once this a place is a haven while traders are going towards Batavia (Jakarta).

 5.Pulau Banda


In the south of the island of Seram, there is a group of islands Banda. Formerly this place into the destination map of the sailors, because banda is one of the best spice at the time.
Portuguese and Dutch had occupied, even England has ever entrenched in this island creating a culture that is quite unique in this place. Do not expect expensive resorts or five star hotels, in this place. This Indonesia island has spots mainstay as a place hiking, diving, snorkeling and fishing.

6.Pulau Flores


One of the largest islands in the archipelago of Nusa Tenggara Timur, it’s called Flores. When the Portuguese landed on this island they feel do not believe there is a hidden beauty who owned the island. So they called the island of the flowers which later became the name of Flores.
There are two popular destinations on the island. The first is Danau Kelimutu, the three colored lakes. The third lake occupies a former volcano caldera. As a result of the mineral, chemical compound volcanic, causing water thereon fickle, making it the beautiful scenery that only exists in Indonesia.
Second is Komodo National Park. This national park can be traveled from Labuanbajo, namely docks west of the island of Flores. Inside the park, there are a group of islands. On the island live animals giant lizards, Komodo. It is said that these animals are the remnants of the surviving descendants of the dragon.

7.Bunaken National Park

bunakennationalmarinepark bunakennationalparkindonesia

A few hundred kilometers to the north of the city of Manado, there is a national park that consists of several islands and has been recognized as one of the underwater nature reserve which must be protected, namely Bunaken. Park is home to 70% more fish species endemic to the Indo-Asian pacific west. It is easy to see the life of the fish in between anemone and coral reefs. That is why, if you like diving and snorkeling should go to this island.

 8.Pulau Gili


The island was once a 3 island empty. It is in the northwest of the island of Lombok. Requires “adventurous spirit” to reach the islands this one. Because once there is no ferry to reach the island.
But now, it has built resort which facilitates the travelers visiting this beautiful island. One island is Gili Trawangan, is the perfect place to do activities diving, or surfing.  Then, the island of Gili Meno is known for its romantic atmosphere, which is suitable to hold a place honeymoon the newlyweds. Lastly, the third island, Gili Air, a popular spot of scuba divers who want a calm flow conditions and water super clean.

9.Raja Ampat


In West Papua province there are more than 600 individual islands. 600 islands are divided into four main islands, Waigeo, Misool, Salawati Batanta and Raja Ampat. Among the four islands, Raja Ampat has the highest marine biodiversity. On this island, we can find some birds that are endangered. Such as birds Cendrawasih and Wilson or bird of paradise. The islands here were awarded the pristine white sand and clear blue sea water. The main feature of Raja Ampat, that there are many lagoon or lakes on the edge of the sea, formed from coral rock, make it a special place in the eastern region of Indonesia to visit.


Top 10 Holiday Destinations

Bali has been known worldwide as one of the most popular island of Indonesia. Every year millions of tourists visit the islands they call the “island of gods”.  The island is a place to escape the last remnants of the Majapahit kingdom. So here are found patterned Hindu temples. One of the interesting spots in the city of Ubud Bali, here many temples, forests filled with wild monkeys, sculptor and painter and art gallery building. For those who like hiking, biking, here there are hundreds of places of interest to discover, ranging from the paddies unique and beautiful mountain scenery Batur, and hills that stands above the temple. Bali is also famous for its beauty of Kuta beach and the accommodation here is fairly complete. Ranging from hotels, restaurants, surf gear, kayaks, fishing, yoga, and diving. (ohtidakadaya – kaskus).

That’s Top 10 Holiday Destinations in Indonesia hopefully it can be one of the references of your holiday. Happy Holiday ~~~ !! 😀

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