Visit Venezia – 5 Tourist Spots in Venice

Visit Venezia – 5 Tourist Spots in Venice —  Besides Rome, Italy has many other famous tourist city, one of them is Venice (in Italian, Venezia). If you go to Italy, Venice is one of the cities that you must visit. The city is not only famous and beautiful, but also very unique.

Venice is built above the water and has hundreds of canals winding. Moreover, the buildings in Venice also has a unique architecture with the old colors and shades, so wherever you take a photo, it will look beautiful and artistic as in painting. No wonder if Venice called as the most beautiful and the most romantic city in Europe!

Venice (Italian: Venezia) is the capital of the region of Veneto of Venice in Italy. The city has an area of 412 km² and a population of 271,663 in 2003. The city is very well known for the culture. Venice is also famous for the water transportation, including the gondola that runs over the canal. In this city is very difficult to find a car and land vehicles, because most of the city is filled with water.

Venice is identical with a wooden boat or gondola. But do you know that there are some exciting things to do while on vacation in Venice. Here are 5 fun activities while in Venice.

  • City Tour

Traveling around the city is one of the activities that you should not miss while in Venice. Before visit the museum or other tourist attractions, we recommend you take advantage of your time to get around this beautiful city. By walking around, you can see the lives of the people of Venice. Take photos of each of the existing landscape.

Visit Venezia

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  • Visiting St. Mark’s Basilica

St Mark’s Basilica is the most famous church in the city of Venice. This church was built in 1094. This magnificent church is located on the northern edge of St. Mark’s Square and adjacent to the Doge’s Palace building. St Mark’s Basilica is a cathedral of the Roman Catholic diocese of Venice district. The church was built with the design of a mixture of eastern and western architectural styles, resulting in a unique architectural style typical of Venice.

For those who like history and beautiful architecture, the Church of St. Mark’s Basilica is certainly should not be missed. This church became one of the favorite places of the tourists who come to Venice. From the outside, the church looks so beautiful and majestic dome of magnitude. From the inside, the luxury of the church seemed so obvious through the interior mosaic. Inside the basilica, there are three museums that can be visited by tourists. One traveler’s favorite spot was the balcony on the roof. You can look at the main square of the beautiful church.

Visit Venezia

  • Grand Canal Tour

Sightseeing tour with the grand canal is the most important activity in Venice. Besides walking, there are other fun ways to enjoy the city of Venice, by boat. This is the same boat tours around the city bus. Sit quietly in the boat, and enjoy the beauty of the City of Venice.

You should note, that you have to pay quite expensive to get this experience. To ride the gondola, you may be be charged an official rate of 80 euros for a one-way, 40-minute journey, a maximum of 6 passengers. For a more romantic atmosphere, you can ride the gondola at night. The fares are certainly more expensive at around 100 euros.

Visit Venezia

  • See how to make glass in Morano Island

Make decoration from glass is not as easy as imagined. You can see how to make it at Murano Island. The craftsmen seemed busy blowing the molten glass which will be various decorations. Glasses, mirrors, to accessories are produced by craftsmen. This attraction could be an interesting entertainment for the tourists.


  • Visit the Burano Island

Besides Morano, there’s more another island near the city of Venice you should visit. The island is quite attractive tourist destinations because of its quaint building decoration. Try a walk along the small streets that exist in every corner of Burano. There are brightly colored building that is ready to welcome tourists who come. The colorful of the building which is the better value, making Burano more beautiful, cheerful and attractive.

Visit Venezia

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