Where To Stay In Lake Toba – Tourist Likes Homestay!

Where To Stay In Lake Toba – Pulau Samosir included in the tourist area of Lake Toba, North Sumatra. This island has long been an attraction for tourists. Interestingly, the characters of tourists who come to it prefers to stay like locals than staying in a hotel.

It is revealed by Rapindin Simbolon, in a press conference launching the annual tourism event calendar Samosir in Jakarta. According to him, foreign tourists coming to Samosir prefer to stay in a homestay property of local residents rather than a luxury hotel.

“Tourists who come to Samosir it did not want to stay at a luxury hotel. They want to stay in homes or traditional house. They only ask for clean facilities. So, we are pushing to encourage more people who have a homestay, “he said.

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Added Head of Tourism Samosir, Ombang Siboro, tourists like to stay in local homes or a Homestay because they do not spend a lot of money. In addition, tourists also love an activity that is close to the activities of local residents.

“If the model of homestay accommodation average 150 thousand rupiah, already includes three meals a day. Then there is also a tour deals, such as most favored tourists that come early in the morning go to the field took off the buffalo, “added Ombang.

Currently, there are 51 Samosir itself has decent homestay or guest houses in six villages. This amount will be encouraged to grow in order to help meet the target of the visit, including the national target of 30 thousand homestay house until 2018.

“To achieve these targets we design land leasing regulations. The Batak people have a good tradition to appreciate the estate. But not a few who are already aware of travel and want to take advantage of their heritage land or house to be used as a homestay. Well, this will continue to be encouraged to be used for the long term, “he said.

Please note, until 2016 the number of tourists who come to Samosir reached 190,731. This amount exceeds the total population in Samosir which is only 130,000.

Meanwhile, 35,000 foreign tourists coming to the last recorded, dominated by tourists from Malaysia and other Southeast Asia, followed by China, the Netherlands, Germany, Korea, and Japan.

Where To Stay In Lake Toba

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